Backup and Restore Insync Settings?


Is there a way I can backup my Insync settings so that they an be restored if/when I need to reinstall Insync on a replacement machine?


As of now this is not possible. I can add this a feature request to be considered for future versions :slight_smile:


actually it is possible I just did this after reinstalling windows.

copy this folder from your old windows computer to the new one



Also if you need to restore your files and don’t want insync to try and sync them again (because the datestamp was modified), copy your files back to the same location using the Free File Sync app.

For example I changed computers and I kept the insync folder in the same tree structure but I had to copy data from my old computer. If I used windows normal copy paste to move files, the date modified would change. So use the Free File Sync it mirrors the files exactly.

Then copying my appdata roaming INSYNC folder and launch Insync.
Insync scanned for changes which took some time but it found nothing because all the files have the same datestamp.

with thousands of files and 6gb of data this saves a lot of time and data wasted and keeps your google drive dates correct.