Bandwidth Limit & Scheduling

I have two insync licenses and I think you have a great product. But…

…without Bandwidth Limiting & Scheduling, it is no longer an option for me to use. The upload is congesting my entire SOHO, even when uploading something as simple as a PSD file (180Mb).

PS: I have reverted back to the original Google Drive app until you implement this feature.


I need this too. I often have large files to upload and would rather my network connection wasn’t saturated by the upload. As many others have said, such a basic feature/requirement. Yet as usual it’s “not a priority”. What can the Insync engineers be working on? Beginning to wish I hadn’t paid for Insync; I can see now why they want an upfront payment!

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Hello @Oliver_Coleman and @cdemetriadis

We are currently in the process of implementing numerous feature requests and making sure that they work. I will add these to our feature requests and bring it up to our engineers.

Thank you :smile:

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It’s a common complaint that feature requests (or arguably missing basic features) that are requested by many people (and bugs that affect many people) seem to take unreasonably long to address. Perhaps it would be worth having a regularly updated list of the feature requests and bugs that are currently being worked on, including what stage they’re up to (working on it, testing, deployed, etc) and the expected release date/version, and the priority of those that are not being worked on. This would help with the frustration of not knowing if or when missing features/requests and bugs will be addressed. It seems to be a sorely missing communication channel that would be relatively simple to set up, and would avoid comments like “as usual it’s “not a priority”. What can the Insync engineers be working on? Beginning to wish I hadn’t paid for Insync…” :stuck_out_tongue: which could only be a good thing for people looking into purchasing Insync and potentially being scared away by such comments.

Well I’ve given up on Insync and wish I hadn’t paid for it. I’ve moved to a Dropbox Pro account (need the extra space). Paying $13 a month for a service with a client that works (Dropbox is one of the best out there) is far better than paying a few dollars for extra space on a Google Drive account and trying to work around the missing functionality in Insync (can’t use Google’s own client unfortunately since there’s no Linux version).

Also sorry I paid for Insync before realizing this fundamental flaw…

This is a feature I’d love in inSync. I’m persisting with it, and having to only do my initial sync of over 10,000 photos and videos of a night time because it kills my connection. It’s taken me months… Not having this feature is a pest, but the other advantages, such as network folder syncing are awesome and not available in native Drive. Look forward to this coming hopefully in 2016. Thanks inSync!!

Agreed, this seems like relatively basic functionality. Would be great to have available

I would like to see this feature to be implemented too. Any update on this @jaduenas?

Please can we have this essential (and fairly simple to implement) feature?

I know this is a year late, obviously this hasn’t been added in the last year. So there is a simple work around, because this is a simple .exe you can download NetBalancer (, select “Insync.exe” go to Download Priority > Limit and then put in the download limit you want. Hope this has helped.

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Hello from 2020, still need this feature :slight_smile:

When I upload “large” files (like 200 MB) I and everybody on the wifi just can’t use the internet. I spend the whole day with InSyncq turned off because of it.

The OS is MacOS Catalina

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Scheduler is a basic feature and dint realize that Insync lacks this.