Being more explicit about progress of actions

Today I had to unsync a couple of folders since I was running low on disk space. After pressing unsync and approving the action in the dialogue box, InSync provided zero feedback about what it’s doing.

Since I have learnt my lesson during a previous similar endeavor, I have just waited and things completed as it should be, however a small progress bar, or at least “Hey, I’m doing what you have told, please hold tight” indicator would be nice.

To be fair, I have seen a “syncing” indication while unsyncing the second folder, but it was neither responsive, nor descriptive.

I think the responsiveness of the UI in these cases would help a lot. Esp, when the folder is big and/or there are a lot of files.




Thank you for raising this much-needed improvement in our UI/UX design, @bayindirh! Allow me to forward this to our team for serious consideration. :slight_smile: