Can I map the local base folder to a subfolder in Drive?

Is there a way to sync items in the local base folder to a subfolder in Drive.

In other words, if I create a new file named /newfile.txt, it would be synced to /newfile.txt in Drive.

Currently, everything new in the base folder is mapped to the top level folder.

As far as I know insync provides a mirror copy of gdrive in the base folder. In other words if you want files to appear in sub folders in drive then you need to put them in sub folders in the base folder.

Edit: I suppose you could set insync to sync only the desired subfolder(s) in your base folder by selecting to sync only that subfolder in the options menu. Essentially this is a partial sync where gdrive holds your complete collection and your local base folder only contains the relevant subfolder(s). In other words, you get complete backup of the synced local files/folders onto gdrive, which is also only a partial backup of a subset of gdrive files/folders stored locally.

Yes, Kyle. That’s what I’m currently doing. The problem is that I have to pay attention to what is created and where. For example, If I add a file to the base folder it goes to the root of drive. The organization can become a litter messy sometimes.
I guess this could be a feature request.