Can I pay someone to help me fix the mess I created?

I created my own disaster. I’ve been running insync for years, syncing my desktop with Gdrive. Bought a new i7 Dell laptop, which will eventually replace my desktop. Installed a new insync license on my laptop and set to sync my Gdrive. Unfamiliar with Windows 11, it started syncing my files with a OneDrive folder. Then it stopped running because I didn’t have enough space. Without thinking, I deleted that folder on my laptop, uninstalled and reinstalled InSync and started again.

When I deleted that onedrive folder on my laptop, it deleted thousands of files on my Gdrive. And when I reinstalled InSync, I didn’t think to deleted the %appdata% folder, so InSync just picked right up where it began.

I’ve paused Insync on both computers and had Google Services restore my drive.

Now I don’t know what to do. Can I pay someone to help me fix this mess?

I’m in Chicago on Central Time (GMT-6)

John I can take a look for free with you. Reach me on discord: vfbsilva#2057

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Appreciate you @vfbsilva for jumping in to assist.

@John_Fox You may also reach out to if you still need help :slight_smile: