Can I use InSync to upload only


I’m trying using InSync to backup my photo into Google Drive (I know that it does not work with Google Photos free API).
Is there any way so that InSync just only upload files in to a Folder without sync (Do not download exist files, delete or remove local files would not effect the Online one).
With this functionality I think I could use it for automatically backup photos.

Upload only folder

Hi @Le_Kien_Truc Insync, by default is a two-way sync tool, so we cannot support this yet. Rhis is something that we are thinking of adding in Insync in the future :slight_smile:


I would really like to see this as well. My gmail was recently hacked and deleted everything from my drive. Unfortunately that means it also deleted everything off my computer! I was using Insync as a backup tool, but now must implement a separate system for that as well.


In my opinion, it is really essential to have an option of upload/download only! Please consider implementing it as soon as possible!


Thanks for the input @Dmitry and @Chase_DiMarco! We’ll take note of this. :slight_smile:


This is the opposite of the ‘pull mode’ I suggested before. Both modes will be highly beneficial.