Cannot add folder to backup

Hi @Kurt_Ko, thanks for promise to fix stuff.

One more comment slash question… when I select folder(s) from the /dev/dm-1, the root folder is my $HOME. But it means that I cannot select “the whole home folder” because it is simply not in the list (of course, only home subfolders are in the list). I see the point here, the home folder contains the folder(s) to which cloud folders are syncing, including the whole (in my case) OneDrive. But it would be better if I could select “the whole home” from which some folders would have to be excluded.

Also, with regards to your comment “Samsung drive shouldn’t have any selectable folders since it doesn’t contain eligible mounted folders” - this is completely up to you and the Insync application to ensure that, so please take care of it. Should be like “Insync application should… or shouldn’t…” and not “Samsung drive”. Thank you.

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@Martin_Bodlak I will relay this feedback to Kurt and our team, including the feature improvements you posted above :slight_smile: