Can't change base folder

Following the steps on the help forum, I get an error message every time I try to change the base folder. Already contacted privately for support but the response wasn’t effective at all. Would be nice to have a fix on this issue.

I’m currently running the change base folder in a windows desktop: Win-amd64/x86-10.0.19041-10-

Thanks for the attention,

Hi @RicardoSampaio :slight_smile:

I sent you a reply via email for some additional steps including reinstalling Insync (if you haven’t!). It seems like this directory is no longer in your local computer as per your updates, so let me know if the reinstallation works. Thanks!

Hey @miamoran , the directory in the error message exists, and it is in both - the present base folder and in the future base folder. It seems Insync is confusing itself - detecting an existing folder that itself created and raising a error message that the folder already exists. I really don’t feel like reinstalling because I’m afraid more inconsistencies will show. Would be nice if the software worked and I didn’t spend work hours trying to solve this.
I have to admit, I’m a bit frustrated that I payed for a software that seems to be in development. Other issues I’ve been through have already been raised by hundreds of other users.
Just to make everything clear for everyone about the error:
I’m running Win-amd64/x86-10.0.19041-10-
and the error message I get is:
[WinError 183] - Cannot create a file when that file already exists: [path to the folder in question]

Hi Ricardo,

Do these two directories have the same contents? If so, would you please try and move the contents from the future base folder to another location, then proceed to change the Base Folder?

Hey, @miamoran.

On the weekend I did what you suggested - reinstalled. Basically deleting and downloading everything from the cloud. For me it is clear the feature is not working. Will be happy to help the developers in providing information, if there’s interest from them.
The new directory is a brand new one, with nothing in it. The error appears after 9GB of files have been copied into the new directory - so definitely an algorithm error detecting something already exists. There are no two folders with the same name also - so not an unexpected behaviour with a clear explanation. To be clear the directory is in another partition in another ssd - so nothing to do with path inside another path - btw you should throw a warning and a work around when doing that too.

Hi @RicardoSampaio,

Thanks for walking me through what happened and what you observed!

Could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? You can follow the steps here: