Can't delete duplicates

A friend shared a folder of photos with me. About 360 photos in total. I’ve loaded them successfully in InSync - except that I have about a dozen duplicates in my folder. In contrast there are no duplicates showing in my GDrive viewed in the web browser.

If I delete the dupes from my folder I get a permissions error. The only options in “actions required” are ‘restore’ or ‘retry’. ‘Retry’ does nothing.

I asked my friend if she could delete them at her end. She found only one duplicate, which she deleted. That one deletion by her has duly disappeared from my folder. But my folder still has all the other dupes, which still don’t exist in my friend’s original folder or in my GDrive (in browser).

Hi @eN0ch Would you mind sending in your logs along with the link to this post to support@insynchqcom for further investgiation?

cc @marte

Thanks Janine. I’ll get onto it.

Hi. Any word back from the devs on this one?