CAN'T Login with headless - AUTH code invalid

so I’m at the end of my rope… i have a company account and I am trying to add a remote server to run headless and sync… and I temporarily was successful but then it stopped syncing - so I removed the account but now I can’t get it to log back in again - I keep getting the “auth code received is invalid” - I must have tried like a million times…

Also while I don’t have any accounts signed in, it still shows a subscription to something called - Office Trial, yet the machine ID is listed on the page of my subscription… Also I can’t add remove the machines from that list so I have no idea how to add another machine…

Its a mess and I have no idea what to do because all the resources provided are silent on the issue and support is unreachable…

I am so so frustrated - please help!

Hi @Ilya_V_Gusinski!

Please note that Support responds within 1-2 business days, and we would like to thank you for your understanding regarding this!

As for the issue you reported - my deepest apologies for the trouble! Looks like I have responded to your message via chat too, but allow me to address the issues on this forums post:

  • Your account owns a Company Sync & Backup Plan, which is supported only on the Desktop version.
  • This license does not include Headless, which explains why you are seeing “Office Expired” when you pull up your account with the v3.2.x-headless build, which we refer to as the Server version.
  • The Desktop and Server version are separate entities, which means they have different licensing models.

Would you like to continue using Insync via the Desktop version with your Company Sync & Backup Plan?

Hi Mia, ok I understand about the subscription - what subsctiption should I purchase so that I can sync between desktop and headless versions - I have a computer that I am backing up with desktop version, and I also have a remote instance in a datacenter that I would like to sync up with the same machine… also, regarding the headless version – is the issue with the “auth code received invalid” - is this related to the subscription or is it something else?

Please let me know what would be the best way to purchase the additional subscription and what I should do about the authentication issue. Thanks in advance!

Hello @IVG!

Is the remote instance in the datacenter a Server with no graphic user interface? If so, you would need to acquire an Office Subscription: (please toggle to the Server tab as shown below)

The auth code received invalid is something we would need to investigate further. It is not directly related to the subscription. Could you please send me the steps you took (including the commands, etc) that would always lead to this error? (you may respond to our existing email thread with the same email address you’re using here)

Thank you! :slight_smile:


So first about the subscription - is the only way to run one instance of serverless insync, to be synced on the same email/account is to buy another 160 subscription? Again - all I want to do is to sync my home computer and the remote instance (serverless) via one google drive account - its just that I already spent 150 dollars on a desktop version so I am wandering if I can avoid spending another 150.

As for the commands I used (I am not an expert with CLI and I had help with this) are as follows:

!apt get update

!curl -L -o insync-headless.deb

!apt-get install ./insync-headless.deb

Then I go to go to: log in with my ilya@gusinski google workspace account and copy the authentication code, then

!insync-headless start

!insync-headless account add --auth-code [auth code] --cloud gd --path /workspace/sync -

Thanks in advance!


PS - I tried to respond via email to - but it bounced

Mia - is there any update? on either of my questions?

Hello @IVG

Thank you for following up and for waiting patiently.

For the subscription:

  • As mentioned earlier, if the remote instance in the datacenter is a server without any graphic user interface (i.e., exclusively headless), a Server subscription is required. If the remote instance has a GUI, then you can purchase an Insync license from here.

For the invalid auth issue:

  • We would need your logs.db and out.txt to investigate this further. These 2 files should be in ~/.config/Insync-headless. Do send them to - this is the correct email address to receive support. Thank you!