Can't process <dir name> - Access is denied


I have found a couple other threads referencing this error, but nothing with a resolution:

After initial sync when first installing, all the directories I chose to sync downloaded correctly, no problem. After a reboot, insync is incapable of syncing additional directories anywhere below the root level of my account, with the “Access is denied” errors.

I’m on Windows Server 2016 and for the hell of testing I’ve opened up all local & domain security permissions to every account from the root of the volume on down to the specific parent directories whose children are incapable of syncing. I’ve also run insync as administrator for the hell of it, and even added additional accounts to the process itself from Task Manager, all with wide open permissions. Nothing seems to work.

In addition, a very odd issue has begun happening in which right-clicking on any directory below the root of my Google Drive temporarily hangs that Explorer process for ~30 seconds before displaying the contextual menu. Maybe not related, but kind of telling that it’s only happening within directories created by insync.

WS2016 Essentials build 14393.rs1_release_inmarket.181009-1745


Hi @fifthlegion,

My apologies for the trouble. Could you send your log files to with the link to this post?


Thanks – just sent the log.db file on to the support email.