"Can't process [file name] - upload_uri" error on all files

Windows 10 1903, Insync 1.5.7

Last night during a large upload (~8TB) Insync gave up on me and started throwing out this “Can’t process [file name] - upload_uri” error on all new files added to synced folders.

Needless to say, since I run my whole business out of synced folders, that pretty much grinds me to a halt and now my server / workstations are going to drift out of sync when work starts on Monday.

This occurs on all synced workstations, in any level of synced folder from root level up.

New folders added to synced folders do upload correctly, just no files.

Tried all the usual stuff including uninstalling & upgrading to / downgrading from Insync 3, nothing works.

There are very few mentions of “upload_uri” that I can find in Google searches, has anyone else seen this before?

I tried starting over from scratch with an empty folder and selectively syncing test directories.

Still can’t create / upload new files (“upload_uri” error), but after successfully downloading a few hundred files to the fresh sync location I have new errors, now on the download side of things:

“Can’t process [file name] - unhandled error”
“Can’t process [file name] - can’t start new thread”

The Insync UI is also freaking out, failing to draw quadrants of the floating window.

Just getting better and better…

Okay, so this might not be entirely an Insync error – Drive Filestream also can’t upload new files, though it does successfully download the files giving those last two errors in Insync.

Even more damning, I can’t upload files via the Google Drive web interface either.

Because the issue started with Insync I’d still like to gather as much information as I can from here (and the download issues seem to be separate), but this opens up the terrifying possibility that I’ll have to get support from GSuite, which is basically talking to a brick wall…

Alright, so the upload errors at least are probably not Insync’s fault. I spoke with GSuite support and they informed me that I actually do not have unlimited storage and my drive is simply full but failing to report my 1TB storage quota correctly.

That’s pretty hilarious because I purchased GSuite through namecheap.com years ago and was told it included unlimited storage, and since then I’ve hosted anywhere between 5-20TB at a time without issues.

This still doesn’t explain the download errors but whatever, I guess my fight with namecheap.com starts now. Sorry for putting the irrelevant information here.

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Hi @fifthlegion,

No worries, I appreciate that you posted your feedback here and was able to figure out what the cause of the error was.

I hope this gets resolved soon!