Can't resume syncing-linux


I paused syncing and can’t resume it. Restarting insync process and rebooting didn’t help. I also tried “insync resume_syncing” command-no success. Any ideas?

Insync version
OS:MX Linux

Another update didn’t change anything


Tagging our engineer @Kurt_Ko for further assistance!

Did you pause it by running the command or through your UI window?


I paused via UI window.


I have the same issue on Fedora 28:

  • Rebooting the laptop doesn’t help
  • Killing and restarting insync doesn’t help
  • insync resume_syncing doesn’t help
  • Unpausing via the GUI doesn’t help

Please help!


My apologies for the trouble! Thank you for walking me through the troubleshooting steps you guys have taken. :slight_smile:

I’ve followed it up with our team and will update you guys as soon as possible!


Okay, but this is a down situation. Once members rely on replication (as they do over time), these things become more time critical and urgent. Thanks


Just purchased Insync because it seemed to work ok. Installed using MXLinux (Debian) and now it crashes and stalls pretty regular. I have to “kill” it with the system manager then restart it again… repeat repeat. May be I’m overlooking something?