Can't Sync Google Account

When I try to add another Google Account to Insync, and then it takes me to Google and asks me to login I get a screen that says “Something went wrong”. I have tried this for weeks to no avail.

This is an account that I used to have connected to Insync on v1.5 but removed it. I then upgraded to v3.X, tried to add it back, and it won’t let me.

Hi @moeschl,

Could you try clearing your cache and trying again? If the issue persists, please give the alternative login a go, and let me know if the same happens.

That fixed it @miamoran. Thanks!

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I was going to suggest you go to ur Google Account and check to see if there were security issues, but glad it worked out for u one way or the other.

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This is also a good step to check before trying to log in. Thanks for the suggestion, @rrhobbs! :slight_smile: