Can't sync hidden/dot files on Linux

I’m having an issue with syncing my configuration files to insync.

When I open the local one-way sync menu, and go to select files, all files prefixed with a “.” are greyed out and unselectable.

For reference, I am using the Thunar file manager on xfce, but I’d assume it’s what Insync is passing for a file filter.

I can’t find any options to allow this, and haven’t been able to dig anything up online, so now I’m here :slight_smile:

They are top level in my /home/me/ directory, so I can’t sync that whole folder without assigning a bunch of global blacklists, which would break things anyway :confused:

All of the threads on this topic are very ancient, which is why I’m opening this as a new thread.

Let me know if there’s a workaround for this, as I’d like to be able to drop in my configs etc to fresh installs easily via this awesome app :slight_smile:

could you please provide some screenshot examples.
you should also check your version and OS version and provide that detail too.
example of your folder structure, content and ignore rules etc

I am yet to have that same issue, but I have not used Linux Insync for a while as have been focused on MAC.
I would be happy to test your scenarios when I have time, the MAC version has had an upgrade I am testing that at present and likely what I am seeing.

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Thank you @Jamie_Browning for the assist – these are the exact info we need to jumpstart the investigation on @spaceman’s inquiries. :slight_smile:

Oh, I had a screenshot I had intended to attach lol
I’m using Xubuntu 22.10. File manager is the default (Thunar). dot folders are fine, but dot files cannot be selected. Xubuntu is just ubuntu with the xfce desktop environment laid on top.

The use case for this is backing up things in my home /home/spaceman/ directory like my .bashrc, .zshrc, .vimrc. etc

/home/spaceman/.vim/ (dot folders) can be selected :confused:

I would use a symbolic link to locally sync them in a local folder for upload, but as far as I know, insync doesn’t follow symlinks :’(

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Hey thanks for waiting!

The local selective sync works for folders only. That could explain why the individual files are greyed out. Can you confirm that any individual file is also greyed out, not just the ones prefixed with a dot?

Yes Mia, you are correct. All files behave this way. Dang. I need a way to be able to back up certain disparate single files somehow… symlinks don’t work. Perhaps I’ll need to set up a script to periodically copy the files into a synced folder hmmmmm

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I’ll reach out to our Product Team regarding this so we can see how we can line up improvements on the local selective sync feature :slight_smile: