Change Google account for plus license

About 2 years ago, I purchased 2 “pro” licenses (from what I understand, those are equivalent to “plus” now), one for a work account & one for a personal account. I have since switched jobs and since my new employer also uses Google apps, I was wondering if there was a way to switch the license to my new work account. I don’t have access to the old account but I still have the license/transaction info.

Sorry @Joe_Haskins but transferability only lasts for 1 year :frowning:

Most software companies don’t even allow transfer for one-time paid licenses so the 1 year is all we can really do. I hope you understand.

If I buy a personal license, is it forever linked to a single Google account?

I’m asking because I’m considering buying a second personal license, one that’s linked to my work Google account. In the event that I change jobs, obviously I’d want to link the license to my new work account.

I’m not going to buy a personal license for an account that I might not have in a year or two.

I disagree with the viewpoint that companies don’t allow transfer for paid licenses. Most companies do allow you to install software on one computer and reinstall it on another (no different than what Isync does) But I paid for a service, it only seems fair that if the account that service is tied to goes away… I can then active a new account for the service I paid for.

This is unfortunate.

If you request a transfer within the first year of your license, yes we can transfer it to your new work account :smile:

I recommend that your upgrade your current Insync Plus license to Insync Pro, a prorated amount is applied automatically and it will allow you to have x3 Google accounts per year.

@roald I’m having a similar issue, but still within the first year of subsciption. I want to use Insync with another Google account. How do I request a transfer to new account?

send me an email to Please include your request.

Thank you.

I sync a company account with Insync. Since you allow Insync account transfers for 1 year only one has to buy a new account every time you switch employers? How should that makes sense?

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