Changing folder place on my local hard drive


when I setup Insync, it placed (or I placed) the GoogleDrive folder at the wrong place.

So today, after a full sync, I did what seemed logical to me :

I paused Insync,
I moved the GoogleDrive folder to another partition on my HDD
I changed the location of the folder in Insync settings
I quit and restarted Insync.

So it started to sync again, but instead of starting from the status quo, it started to delete many files on the google drive (remote).

Is it normal behaviour?
Does it really have to delete 40 GB to upload it again later from the new location of my local GoogleDrive folder?

Does not seem bandwidth efficient…

Please advise, as of now I stopped the sync…

Hi @Nico can you send in your log files along with the link to this post to

Thank you so much :smile:

Hello, how can I get the log file? Where is it located?

How to find the log files :smile:

How can I send you the logs privately? I don’t know if it is public if I attach a file…

You can send it as an attachment or via Google Drive to :smile: