Choose action at big differences between local and cloud

Hey there,

im running multiple devices with Insync. Since I haven’t access to all of them at all times (that could be months), big differences in the local state and the cloud state are causing problems, e.g. some already deleted files are coming back from the old state or moved items will be duplicated, as they reoccur in their old directory.

If it’s possible, I would like to have a notification for that, and (which would work for me, but maybe also other steps could be useful) to decide, whether the cloud state should be synced or maybe the local state. Maybe it could be differentiated at “sync all from cloud”, “choose which files to sync which direction” or something like that.

Thanks and so so long, WW

Hello @WinstonWamsler!

My apologies for the trouble. The Conflicts feature should take care of such discrepancies:

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for you🤔 Is it possible to collect the log files from at least two machines, and specify the ff:

  • Deleted files came back from the old state
  • Moved items were duplicated

If so, please follow these steps: Then, send the files over to with the link to this Forums post.

Hi mia, im sorry for the late response. unfortunately i cannot access these files anymore.

Hello @WinstonWamsler,

I see. Am I understanding that you no longer have Insync installed on your computer?

No, im still using it, just had to reinstall all my gear, causing the lose of the requested data.

No worries at all, @WinstonWamsler. :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to reply here or send an email to if you need anything at all.