Clarifications with the future subscription service fees

Hello, insync community.

I’ve been using insync in my Linux machines for a couple months, and I’m loving it. However, I saw the notice recently regarding the migration to a new subscription service because of business sustainability issues. I want to support insync, but I don’t understand the pricing model you’re proposing and that you’re trying to explain in the GoFundMe page.

My issue is that I bought a sync-only license, and I use it to automatically upload files to OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox, and I use multiple accounts in these services. The way the old model was set up allowed me to buy a copy of the software once, and use all the accounts I have set up with the same licence.

However, the GoFundMe page says that the service will cost USD$19.99 yearly “per-account, per-year”. Does this mean if in total the accounts I’m using insync with (say for example, 2 OneDrive accounts, 2 Google Drive accounts, and 1 Dropbox account, for a total of 5 accounts) will count as separate subscriptions? Does that mean if I have 5 different accounts syncing with insync I’ll have to pay USD$99.55? Or does this all mean that for using my 5 associated accounts in these services will all be USD$19.99?

From what it’s stated in the GoFundMe page, it seems it’s the former, but I need to be sure. My problem with this is that if it is this way, insync will become prohibitively expensive to me. This is why it’s important to me to get a clarification.

I am also wanting some clarification. This whole thing sounds like a bait and switch scheme to me.


The new pricing will only affect NEW users as existing users are grandfathered to their current plans which means nothing changes for you.

Your plan will remain the same.

Hope this clarifies.


Okay, that’s a relief. However, I was mostly asking because of what it says on the GoFundMe page, and I quote:

We plan to release this new hybrid business model by Q3 this year. So the obvious question is…”why would I buy Insync again?”


Besides supporting an independent software vendor, you benefit from continued development for better reliability (for mission-critical stuff) and the future goodies – more cloud support (S3, Backblaze B2, etc.), more Google Docs conversion options, file automations and more!

I was originally asking because this sounds to me like people who have already bought a license will have to migrate over to the new subscription system, hence “buy Insync again”. And as I said, a subscription model doesn’t bother me, because I’m fully willing to support this project, and I even want to donate to the cause, but if I have to migrate to a subscription, I need to be completely sure what is the pricing that would apply to me.

if you were to migrate, then yes, you would have to purchase for each account you have since the new pricing will be per account.

but since you will be grandfathered, buying again is just an option to further support us.