[CLI] Pause remains AFTER restart (bug or normal behaviour?)


Hi guys
If I pause (pause_syning) the cli client, that state remains until I change it with a resume_syncing.
If I restart the client (eve if I restart my Pi) the “pause” is still there, waiting for the resume_syncing.

It’s this behavior ok? It works as expected?

Because I do not know why I paused the client a few days ago for something and then I stoped working with that and I forgot that.
Then I needed to upload something and I thinked that Insync stop working or something because showed 14 files queued and I couldn’t fix it. I restarted the client, even the system, with no luck until I remembered that I do a “pause” in the past.

The “get_account_information” showed me “Quota Unavailable” while the cli was in “pause” state. So was weird too.

If this is an expected behavior, can you add some legend in the “get_sync_progress” like:
14 files queued (Paused)

Or something?




Tagging our engineer @Kurt_Ko for further assistance!