Client creates "team drive" folder even though I don't have a license to use team drives


It is fine that insync has introduced a new feature, but I am not using it, I don’t even know what it is about. But what’s annoying: That the client just creates a “Team Drivers” in the root of my home directory without asking. I haven’t asked for that and I don’t even have a license for it. After manually removing the directory, the insync button shows the something went wrong icon. So obviously it insists on having the team drives folder around even when I am clearly not even able to use it.


Hi @Johannes_Rohr, this will be resolved in the next update. We agree that the folder shouldn’t be created if it’s not to be used :+1:


Any news on this front? I have 3 google accounts connected and this teams upgrade seems to have broken them. I have removed and re-added 2 of my accounts but insync just sits there telling me there is action required to updgrade to teams - but I don’t want to! There seems to be no option to remove it, and it seems to be blocking sync from working.


Hey @James_Hallam,

Sorry for the trouble. May I ask what Insync version you’re using?