~/.config/Insync too big on Ubuntu 22

The .config/Insync directory on Ubuntu22.04 seems excessive at just under 1GB. Is there a way to reduce it?

I tried doing an sqlite vacuum but Insync understandably didn’t like it. I’ve tried deleting it and setting up Insync from scratch again but the folder is almost immeadiately back to the same size. 1GB is a very big database!

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@rol Hi! Could you confirm if you’re running the latest Insync version, which is v3.8.0?

Also, which file is the biggest one within the .config/Insync directory?

Am running on Ubuntu 22.04. The /live directory is current 1.8GB and and the /data 123MB.

@rol Copy that. Let me check what some possible causes would be for these folders to take up a lot of memory.

I am now running and today /live is 1.8G whilst /data is 119M. That suggests that .config/Insync has now doubled in size in under a month. There has to be something going wrong here.

@rol Could you let me know if you’re syncing a lot of files and/or making significant changes on your files?