Connecting to Insync

Hello there, I can’t use inSync for below issue. Tried restarting app/windows, still not working. Check the below link for screenshot.

Hi there, can you let us know your account over at

email sent. why there is 20 words limit btw?

Same problem here. Linux Mint Mate 18.1

@Brandon_Road: Please send your logs to as well: How to find the log files.

For what it’s worth I was having the same issue on one of my Linux machines (Ubuntu 16.04), it seemed to not be getting the correct oauth details from google. Anyway, reinstalling the application fixed it (the Windows install was fine for me so I can’t comment directly on that, but it looks like the same behaviour I had)

Managed to solve the above issue, by allowing pop-ups from that page because by default it setup to blocked.(firefox 59.0.2)

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