“Could not delete [file name]” (actions required)


“Could not delete [file name]” - file related

Happens when a file that’s been trashed/unshared/deleted/unsynced causes an error upon trying to delete it.

How to resolve

Click on the dropdown arrow button and select one of the options:

  • Open location
  • Retry

List of error messages you may encounter in the Actions Required tab

I am afraid to act.
I work for a creative agency. 20+ people depend on a massive Google Drive multiple clients and years worth of projects. I am using Insync so I ca quickly move between files. I was clicking around and I believe I clicked under selective sync the all check box on and off. AND THEN trouble. MY GOAL: I want the entire GDrive onto my External Drive. I had this already working. Now I have over 6,000 Actions Required. AND I am afraid to act afraid they will delete all my files both locally and on GDrive. PLEASE HELP RESOLVE!!!


Check this fix here: New Insync version: 1.3.16