CurlError in corporate environment

I am using InSync in a corporate environment. I have an InSync license and I have the software installed.

I am getting this error when trying to sign-in.


I had to use the alternative login option because the browser just says “Connecting to Insync…” when I try to sign in the normal way.

Are there any special FW rules we have to have to let InSync work?

Hi! Does your network allow third-party apps to have access?

Access to what? Our Google account – yes. The network – I think so.

@imthenachoman Copy this. Could you please confirm as well if you have any proxy or firewall that might be blocking Insync?

Yes, it does block things but it allows access to and all of Google’s other domains.

Are there other domain’s that Insync accesses? Do y’all have a list of all the domains and why?

Let me forward this to our engineers for further assistance. :slight_smile: Thank you!

By the way, could you please email your logs.db and out.txt to Those can be found by following this guide.

Do include the link to this Forums post as well so I can trace it accordingly :slight_smile:

Done. The out.txt file is 0 bytes so I didn’t include it.

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