Custom define Recycling Bin/Trash location for retaining folder structure

THIS NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED. ASAP. I’ve asked before, I’ll ask again.

Insync deletes files to trash when I re-org folders which is bad.

Then I have to deal with the restricted functionality of the Recycle Bin in windows which does not allow me to retain the folder path structure location of files when I move them out, so I can’t know where they were deleted from.

And if there are multiple deleted files with the same name but from different locations, I get the warning dialog file already exists if I say for example move out the files to the same place.

Hi @Rob_Davis,

When you re-organize folders, do you do it via the local sync folder or via Drive web? If you do it within the local sync folder it should not trash anything. :confused:

On the Windows Recycle Bin, there’s a column with the “Original Location” and if you right-click > Restore, it puts it back where it was deleted from.

Following up with a suggestion as to how this could be implemented:

  1. InSync moves some items to its own trash folder, not the systems Recycling Bin/Trash. InSync puts these files in a folder with a datestamp
  2. Next time InSync moves some files into its own trash folder, it puts them there into a folder with a new name - a newser datestamp
    These above steps ensure that files with the same name dont clash. If ever they do, InSync can create a new folder and put the file with the clashing name in there, using a new datestamp for the folder name, so that the file is separate from the other file with the same name.
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions, @Rob! I will forward these to our engineers :slight_smile: