Dark indicator icon for Ubuntu


This is a suggestion.
By default Ubuntu provides two themes, a dark one and a light one, Ambiance and Radiance.
With the light one, Radiance, insync ends up in the indicator area with a white icon on light grey panel, making it ugly and difficult to read.
Many other programs provide the option to chose between a light or a dark indicator icon… could you guys add support for light panels and add such and option?
It would be much appreciate.

Thanks for your time!

Is this something we can support @lpugoy?

@Milozzy: Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep that in mind.

+1 on this feature, I am using dark theme and icon is “invisible” :frowning:

Has there been any progress made on this? The Insync icon looks pretty bad with the default Plasma theme (Breeze)

any progress? or any solutions to replace icons manualy?