Deleted all files after I accidentaly ejected my external drive

I use insync with 2 accounts, both on an “external” drive (its a hard disk inside the computer, and the OS (Ubuntu 16.04) its on an SSD). When I was going to eject an SD card, I accidentaly hit the wrong button and unmounted the HD. When I mounted it again, Insync begins to sync and upload everything. It seems that it deleted everything from the cloud, and is uploading everything again. I lost all the sharing properties on at least a couple folders, and some folders are being created as it had naming issues (like “folder name (2)”).

This sounds like an error Insync is supposed to prevent. I suggest that you make a copy of your current Insync logs ASAP, and email it to support, so they can better find and fix the problem.

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Hey @Ze_Grisi

I’m so sorry for the trouble. As per @Hawk’s advise, please send us your logs.db and out.txt files (if you haven’t!) so I can escalate this to our engineers.

Kindly include the link to this post as well.

Something like this happened to us. It ended with 15000 new files appear…

Since that issue, we don’t use Insync anymore because of the danger it can create (delete) after an issue with a earlier version.

We will re-use Insync when we could have the ability to sync in one direction only (for Google Drive to local drive).

Until then, we try to find another software that did that, but hope one day, that security feature appear in Insync

And because of the large amount of people working here… Send a log and wait for answers can’t be a solution for us, it will blocked our project.


Just like to note that sending logs often isn’t for the purpose of solving the immediate problem at hand, but to help Insync diagnose the problem and fix it for future use.

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Hi @Ingenierie_Media,

Thanks for the feedback, and really sorry for the trouble you experienced. :frowning:

We’re looking into one-way sync due to the requests. We’ll definitely keep you guys posted. :slight_smile:

For file security, there are different factors that may cause deletions-- we take these seriously and are working to further improve product quality. As mentioned by @Hawk, the logs will help our engineers diagnose the issue. From there, they can determine where it went wrong and how it can be prevented. :slight_smile: Send it over to with the link to this post when you can. :slight_smile: