Detect local file moves & renames happened when Insync is *not* running

Insync is now pretty good at detecting file moves & renames that happened while it’s running. I’d like to see this capability further expand, so that files moved & renamed in-between consecutive runs can also be detected (at least on some filesystems).

This can be achieved on supported filesystems (e.g. NTFS) by utilizing the file ID (or inode number(?) on Linux), which is a stable local identifier, and is already stored in Insync’s database.

Move & rename detection is especially important for a cloud sync client like Insync not just because of the performance benefit, but also for preserving file version history.

This feature is already implemented in FreeFileSync [1] [2] [3].

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Hey @Hawk!

Thanks for the continuous feedback! I’ll be sure to relay this to our team but it may take some to implement these features since our team’s focused on the next update. Still, keep the feedback coming!! :slight_smile: It’s always appreciated.