Differentiate between sync and scanning for changes

I have some automation build around Insync status returned by $(insync get_status), but what is shown in GUI as Scanning for changes is returned as SYNCING by get_status, even though get_sync_progress returns No syncing activities. Is it possible to return a different status when it’s scanning for changes and maybe even show a different status in tray for that too? And to go even further maybe make available some status for scanning? It spends a lot of time scanning for changes and I’m not sure why :slight_smile:

tagging our engineers @marte @lpugoy @dipesh :slight_smile:

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@Lord_Phoenix: Do you have an estimate of how long the “scanning for changes” period is taking? If it happens when Insync is started, it may be because Insync is syncing the metadata of your files from Google Drive. If you have a lot of files (around 10,000) this may take a while.

It takes lately about 3-4 hours, then it starts syncing

@Lord_Phoenix: I see. Do you have a lot of files in your Drive account?

@lpugoy Define a lot :slight_smile: Well, I am using my drive actively and sync profile and documents between several computers, so maybe

@Lord_Phoenix: I see. Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.

@lpugoy I’ve sent logs from one of my computers, let me know if it’s helpful, otherwise I’ll grab them from the oldest machine.