Does InSync download from the local network before the cloud?

The Google Drive App has a useful feature where it will try to download new syncable files from local network peers before the cloud. This helps speed up transfers a lot when you have 20 users in the same office syncing the same stuff.

I couldn’t find the feature and I’m a bit worried since it purports to be a business application and almost every business primarily exists on a LAN where most users are. Furthermore Google Drive App has this feature (As does, Dropbox and Skydrive).

I believe we do not offer this yet but I will tag our engineer @marte and he will get back to you :smile:

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Sorry @Scott_Richmond, we don’t support it right now and won’t be able to support it soon.

That’s a real pity @marte as that means Insync won’t be suitable for our 30+ userbase. We need an application capable of supporting small businesses.

Thanks anyway.

Hmmm… wish I’d known that before I paid money to downgrade to an app that is essentially inferior to Gdrive’s own app!!

EDIT. It appears the problem is with GDrive and not InSync. Unfortunately Scott it seems that it is only Dropbox that has local LAN sync. May have to go back to Dropbox.

This would be a great feature.

I retain Dropbox for some of my data for this reason, though Drive is better for other types of data.

I use Dropbox for media and drive for documents.

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If you have a Synology NAS somewhere on your network - use Cloud Sync to sync DropBox to your NAS, then everyone syncs through the NAS. Works a treat! And everyone should have a good NAS on their network for all those pesky jobs.