Doesn't work on Ubuntu 17.10


Over 2 weeks late an counting… shows how little they care about their already-paid customers.


Hello everyone, we’re really sorry for the delay, but our APT repo has now been updated to support Ubuntu 17.10.


Thanks, @jimperio ! I’ve just upgraded to using the repository.


Hello, on my ubuntu 17.10 I installed gnome shell extension TopIcons , i installed also sni-qt.
I downloaded insync 64-bit but I cannot have panel in upper right corner . I uninstalled and installed again without any success.
Finally, i uninstalled 64-bit and installed 32-bit and IT WORKS at the first time.
I have not any explanation but may be it can help somebody.


The repository doesn’t work for me as of now :

Err:1 artful/non-free amd64 insync amd64
  403  Forbidden [IP : 80]


Hi! Can you please try running sudo apt-get update and then installing again? Let me know how it goes.


I have just upgraded to bionic and it works now.


Great! :slight_smile: Thanks for the update. Shoot any app issues to