Dolphin crashes when I use the right-click menu on a file in synchronisation

On KDE Plasma, if I right-click on a file while is syncronizing with the cloud, Dolphin crashes. When the synchronisation is complete, everything works normally.

Hello @Guido_Iodice!

Let me check this out for you :slight_smile: Do you mind sending your logs to

Please include the ff:

  • The link to this Forums post (for easy reference)
  • logs.db
  • out.txt

The logs should be in ~/.config/Insync. Thank you!

Before send files I reproduced the bug

Hi @Guido_Iodice!

Hmm, I’m not sure we received your latest logs for this particular issue. The one I got was regarding this other thread on Insync consuming processes.

Could you let me know if that would be the same set of logs you’re pertaining to?

i sent it again, please check

thank you!

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same problem with opensuse tumbelweed