Insync is one of the more consuming processes

According ps is one of the most consuming process in my system, only some OS components beat it

ps  axco pid,command,time --sort=time


   1126 nextcloud                   00:00:04
     15 rcu_preempt                 00:00:07
    676 bluetoothd                  00:00:11
   1070 kactivitymanage             00:00:11
   1538 kio_http_cache_             00:00:11
  19192 chrome                      00:00:15
  18306 chrome                      00:00:18
  18261 chrome                      00:00:24
   1576 insync                      00:00:47
   1038 plasmashell                 00:01:09
    678 Xorg                        00:01:39
    993 kwin_x11                    00:01:42

Nextcloud, with similar features, consume 1/10 of the processor time.
I niced insync to 19 but with few result.
This is unhealty for consume and battery.

How can I solve this problem?

Hi @Guido_Iodice,

Was Insync doing a large sync at the time the consumption was increasing?

Please also send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post.

yes, it does. Despite this, in top I see insync go up very often, unlike nextcloud which rarely goes up. This rise seems to me mitigated with nice=19, but not by much.
I’m sending the files to support.

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Thank you for sending the files, @Guido_Iodice. I was able to receive them and have forwarded them to our engineers for further investigation.

I measured the insync time after the initial re-indexing, it’s 22, a lot(!) but less than half of total consume after few hours.

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