Don't sync deletions

I have a recurring problem where windows stops recognizing my external drive - the name and contents disappear, but the letter is still there, so the path is still apparently valid in some sense enough that insync interprets this as the deletion of ALL my files from the insync folder on the drive. I can fix the drive by unplugging and replugging it, but then insync thinks all the files are new.

Restoring tens of thousands of files from the trash through Google’s terrible web interface is not remotely an option. More than once already I have had to let all the files (hundreds of gigs) upload and be treated by Drive as new files. This is a terrible solution, obviously, among other reasons because it requires all my other devices to re-download everything, since they have already synced the “deletions.”

Maybe there is a better solution, but off the top of my head, it would be great if there were simply an option in the client not to sync deletions. I don’t delete much anyway, and it’s usually whole folders when I do, so I don’t mind doing my deleting through the web interface.

I know this problem isn’t your fault, but you could solve it fairly easily, and I think the scope of the feature exceeds my individual problem. I, for one, would feel some relief knowing there was no chance of accidentally wiping out my data in almost any case.

Anyway, that’s all! Thank you!

@naphthous: If an external drive gets disconnected, Insync pauses syncing and waits for the Insync folder to get re-instated. It does not consider the files to be deleted.

Is Insync folder set to a root drive (and not a subfolder), say “X:”? When you say the letter is still there, does it get replaced with some “non-empty” folder? Because if the Insync folder path gets replaced with an empty folder, then it doesn’t consider the contents to be deleted and fails to resume syncing creating an “Actions Required” entry for the users.

Please send to us the Insync logs at so that we could look into this further.

Thanks for your reply.

The drive doesn’t get properly disconnected, so that may be a moot point.

Insync is a subfolder (E:\Insync).

“When you say the letter is still there, does it get replaced with some “non-empty” folder?” - I don’t understand what “it” in this sentence refers to. The drive letter remains the same, the label of the drive disappears, and in Windows Explorer all the contents disappear. And my files all get deleted by Insync. There is no empty Insync folder or any other folder of any kind, at least that I can see in Windows Explorer.

I don’t know how much help logs will be, since the last occurrence was a week or two ago (I thought it had gotten me again, which is why I posted this, but this time nothing got deleted). But I’ll send them.

Maybe there is another explanation for the file deletions. If so I would love to know what so this doesn’t happen again. Re-uploading all my data wasn’t much fine and has created a redundant copy of all my data in the trash of my Drive storage.