How to find the log files

Tray icon is visible

  1. Click on the in your tray menu.

  2. Click on the ellipsis to show the support center directory

  3. Go to support and click on locate logs - We’ll need the logs.db and out.txt files for investigation

Tray icon is not visible

The following directories contain logs.db and out.txt:



You can copy and paste this path directly into Explorer’s address bar, and it will automatically open the folder containing the logs.


~/Library/Application Support/Insync

You can copy this path and paste it into Finder’s Go -> Go to Folder… (Shift + ⌘ + G).



Most file managers support copying this path and pasting it into their location bar.


The logs can be compressed before sending to save space.

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Raspberry Pi version - Documentation
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Connect and reconnect
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Log off takes minutes
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Insync confused Dropbox and Drive
Invalid message: "synching for X is paused because it went missing"
Will not pause. and what sort of crappy system makes that title too short?
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When startup windows the Insync used 90-100% i/o
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New Insync version: 1.3.5
Insync is not syncing all files between Drive and our hard drives
Syncing randomly stops without warning
"Add to Insync" creates Symlink but does not appear to sync added directories
Cancel sync so changes take effect
Duplicate folders when syncing
Synchronized files are not being sent to the sub remote folder
Renaming uploads the whole file
Insyc won't login and can't do anything with Insyc
Selective sync doesn't apply
Access Denied Error Message
Selective sync doesn't apply
Very slow sync between existing local folder and cloud
Not syncing unless Google Drive client is open
NAS Drive "location is already used."
List of error messages you may encounter in the Actions Required tab
Consistent "no read access" on new files
Gdrive files not downloading / syncing - says "signing in"
Sync, duplicates, deleted files
Insync.exe - No Disk error
Right-click Explorer menu item disappeared
Insync stopped working on Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 LTS
Insync ruined my Google Drive
Reuse existing folder after fresh installation of Windows
Not synching automatically
How has inSync created duplicate folders?
Hard Drive spin down issue!
Aliases and symlinks creating errors
No Read access on 8490 Files
How do I get rid of the errors I'm seeing (icon shows red status)
Error "Could not delete xxxxx It still contains files"
Ubuntu 16.04 Icon dark and not synching
Insync plugin always gets deselected after a while
Insync in Ubuntu Gnome 16.04
New files not always syncing
Insync taking too long time to login into account
Insync doenst sync more than 20 files, and stops every time
Can't process <xxxxxx> insufficient permissions for this file
Insync deleting files when unselecting
Insync not syncing (Fedora 24)
Old files appearing and a broken promise
Insync on Ubunut 16.04 does not upload local changes to cloud
Work account not syncing, scanning for changes for 4 days
Insync icon gray and app window won't open on Debian
Duplication Issues
CPU usage all the time in macOS Sierra
Insync takes about an hour to sync and update
Windows fails to sync some files
Incomplete Sync on Fresh Install
Documentation you should check out
Fixed on scanning for changes
How do I remove "Action Required" items without taking the action
MS Files not saving in Insync folder
Recovery after disk carsh
Insync Mac not Syncing
Multiple issues with InSync Plus
Problem with Insync servers?
Insync is not detecting already existing files
Insync stuck 0.0 bytes of
Don't sync deletions
Green check mark appears, but insync is not syncing
Moved files get new file date/time
Network folders not syncing
Insync won't sync existing folder
Receiving error message: "Cannot Process X - file not found"
Files disappearing after moving/deleting
Duplicate files on the cloud [NOT initial setup + reproducible with script]
Upload stuck on file at 0%, no errors
Insync-headless error: UNIQUE constraint failed
Renaming folders on Linux
Insync-headless error: UNIQUE constraint failed
On fresh synchronisation - duplicated files
Getting "Error" message with get_status command but "None" with get_errors command
Issue since the latest update
Time to sync 42GB of data
Insync not starting on Windows 10, not even if manually started
Add to Insync - Missing
Is your Insync Finder Sync extension getting disabled regularly? Try this build (version
Sync is dead slow
New Insync version: 1.3.16
Insync & kubuntu - recursive deselect
What can I do when Sym-linked folder does not upload?
Connecting to Insync
Removed files appear as incoming shares
Google Sheet Syncing back on Mac as readonleu
[on MAC] reSync all my drive files back to drive as if they,ve never been there
Differentiate between sync and scanning for changes
Some Accounts sync, some accounts do not sync
Feed stuck for 12 days. Since around Google API change
An app (.app file) was not synced properly
Since using Insync, my Google Drive files are getting moved to thrash
Insync not responding (beachball over the menu icon)
Insync randomly started to delete stuff
I have lost everything!
Duplicate Folders displaying like "(2)" and "(3)"
Insync struggling with portable HD sync to Google Drive
Duplicate Folders displaying like "(2)" and "(3)"
“Your account [email] is paused because its syncing location [path] is empty” (actions required)
How to recover missing, deleted, or trashed files, and what troubleshooting information to submit
Insync-headless keeps getting unlinked
Force_sync not adding new files from NFS share
Win7 and Win10 "Add folder to insync" not showing
Sync is dead slow
Constant unhandled errors
Insync does not sync - Linux
INSYNC is STUCK - Mac Beachball spinning
Green icon despite files to sync
Some files appears in trash
Insync Crash R6025
'Getting the tree for 1 either results to cycle or is very long' error
New Insync version: 1.3.21 (Windows-only: Fix to getting the path resulting in cycle)
Login & InSyncing: Insync-
Google documents show "Unable to remove the file to be replaced"
Insync deletes files from Google Drive after saving them with native MacOS Apps
Insync stopped working
Getting Bad Request when syncing some files from "Google Photos" Folder
BackupAndSync considers my drive up-to-date, but insync still wants to sync a lot
Insync not syncing any files for over a month
This product is NOT RELIABLE
Lack of reliable synchronization
Sync from server is broken
Unwanted File Sharing
Insync running 20MB/s on iotop indefinitely! nothing syncing, overwriting new files with old ones
Error running on Ubuntu 17.10
Insync is trying to delete files outside my drive directory
Ignore: Action required: no permission to add
Stops synching until Insynch restart
Bug: Insync trashes files edited with Emacs
Error: "Parent folder is not being added"
Not start syncing anything after reboot the PC
Corrupt downloads on Windows
Not sync from HD root level folder to Google Drive folder
Not syncing properly across different computers
Certain files not syncing
Problem syncing gdmap (My Maps) files
Audio problems on Pixelbook running Ubuntu 16.04
Modification of Google Docs that never changed
Recover overwritten files?
New Insync version: 1.4.2
Powerpoint files do not sync well
Gdrive files not downloading / syncing - says "signing in"
Insync 1.4 is sitting doing nothing
Insync is deleting modified files from Google Drive. It doesn't upload the changes
WIN / 64bit Pro I Just upgrade to the new 1.4.3 and now I'm in trouble
A File in multiple Google Drive folders
$RECYCLE.BIN delete loop
Duplication / duplicate files (2) still occur!
1.4.5 stopped working on Windows 8.1
Insync stuck syncing
Stopped working after full purchase
1.4.3 Ubuntu LINUX goes 90+% cpu, I renice it
Getting Bad Request when syncing some files from "Google Photos" Folder
Sync is dead slow
File changes made outside desktop computer are not shown on FEED list
Problem with installing insync on openSUSE Tumbleweed
“Syncing for [path] is paused because it went missing” (actions required)
Renaming a folder lets insync delete and recreate it
New Insync version: 1.4.5
Insync 1.4.5 High Sierra crashes when clicked
Renaming folders on Linux
Insync gnome problems
Problem when running Insync as a service on Windows Server 2016
(RESOLVED) No "save" option to change settings (Windows 10)
Not syncing (macOS El Capitan)
Downgrade from Pro to Plus at random
Adverse character in GDoc breaks local ODS file
Not syncing files with if created / saved with Word 2013 directly
Setting up your account, this might take some time.... How long is some time?
Insync never starts synching - Mac OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Unable to sync changed PDF files
I have a trial version and have problems
How do I get rid of the errors I'm seeing (icon shows red status)
Ghost Folder, folder still on phisical drive, but not on web, and at a strange place in Insync's selective sync
Can't upload duplicity
Finding Files & Clearing Error Messages
Insync is not working. "Parent is missing". Please help! OSX Server
Insync uploads all files that changed case sensitivity
Error files and not uploading
Missing Folders and Files
Thousands of items in queue
Empty Folders Show in Insync Tray Icon
Insync stopped syncing existing folders after I upgraded to paid version
Stuck on "Downloading 0.0 bytes of 240KB"
Insync just deleted two huge folders :(
New install of Insync duplicating and reuploading old folders
Insync Upload Speed from a Windows Server
EDITED: Hard drive physical problem, not Insync problem
Insync can not find server
Changing local folder location re-synced everything with a different user as the Owner
Initialization failed!
Insync Might Nuke My Outlook File: One PC Desktop, One PC Laptop
Syncing looks like it is stuck
Insync messed up folders on Google Drive?
No Sync after unintenional delete
How has inSync created duplicate folders?
[SOLVED] Can't use volume mount inside docker container with Insync
Duplication of folders
Insync does not sync all files of subfolder (mac)
Inquiry of the effiency of Google Drive sychorinization
Win10 Explorer crashes when Insync window is open on desktop
[SOLVED] Cannot rollback: no transaction is active
[Xubuntu 15.04] insync not showing notifications
Selective Sync is not working
Error en la sincronización Insync-headles
Empty queue that have 1.500.000 files in queue
Can't process <file> - UNIQUE constraint failed: ref_gd_files.parent_id,
Syncing Stopped on Windows 8.2
Problem with 1.3.14 on Ubuntu 16.10
No usable temporary directory found
Can't proces [filename].gdoc - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ch_status'
Insync stop working
Items queued getting bigger
Can't resolve 'paused because it went missing'