Don't sync on specified networks

Insync should allow creating a list of networks on which files will not be synced, e.g. metered connections. When connecting to one of those networks, Insync will pause if it wasn’t already paused, and when disconnecting, Insync will return to its state before the connection. Manual resumes would still be allowed while on those networks.

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Hey @ShadowFoxNixill!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to let our team know. Could you share your workflow with this use case so we can better grasp your idea? :slight_smile:

User side of explanation:

You can make Insync automatically pause when connecting to certain networks, such as your phone’s limited mobile data plan, without having to worry about turning it back on afterwards. Once connected to the network right-click the tray icon and select “Don’t sync on this network”.

Technical explanation:

There’d be two ways to change the list of networks.

  1. Right-click the tray icon and select “Don’t sync on this network” or “Sync on this network”
  2. In settings, there’d be a list of all the wireless networks the computer knows, and checkboxes for whether syncing should be on for those networks. (Selecting “don’t sync” in option 1 removes the checkmark in option 2)

For a “don’t sync” (unchecked) network, when the computer connects to that network, the current sync state (paused or not) is stored (I’ll call that the “stored state”), then switched to paused.

While connected to that network, syncing can be manually resumed the same way as the state is currently changed - tray icon --> “Resume syncing”.

Upon disconnecting from the network, if the current sync state is still paused, the stored state is restored. If the current sync state is unpaused, it stays unpaused.


This is great feedback, thanks so much! I’ve noted this down and will make sure I raise it to our team.