Doplhin Emblems Support


This new release is pretty and really awesome! Thanks!

I still lacking the emblems files and folders support to Dolphin.

I will be so happy if this will could be done,

Could you please tell me if you plan support it?

Thanks in advance


There is experimental support for this available here: You need to build it yourself though.


Thanks for answer,

Do you know when this experimental support will turn in an official feature?

Thanks in advance

It’s not being worked on at the moment, sorry.

Any news on this?
I tried to compile the code on github, but it failed.

The error makes me think the code is for KDE4. I don’t have KDE4 anymore, hence the error.

I think today it would make more sense to build something for KDE Plasma5, though I understand that in 2015 (the date of the code on github) that choice could make sense.

The dolphin-plugins package has recently started providing support for emblems in the Dropbox folder. You may want to look at the code to add support for Insync too.


@Cris70: No new work has been made for this, apologies for the trouble.

I really need this too

Come on. KDE/InSync users deserves full support!

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Does this still not work? I get now emblems in Dolphin 5 and Insync puts something into the menu, but not much, in general just:
“add to Insync” (even when the file already is synced through insync)
“insync>sync” - even though the file is already synced.

EDIT: or is it something that is not supported on Dropbox? On Google drive, I can share (via a useless dialog, the 1.5.7 way of directly copying link to the clipboard was better).

Hi @drew! Could you confirm your Insync version please so I can double-check with the Linux team? :slight_smile:

My versoin is - but I think this is just a Dropbox limitation, no?

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It could be, since Dropbox sharing functions a little differently than Google Drive or OneDrive. There’s a separate guide on that:

Let me clarify further with our Linux team if this is the case indeed.