Drive become read only while working on it

After a couple of hours working on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine sometimes my Google drive become read only.
I have to force a reboot of my PC to get it to work again

Anyone who recognize this behavior?

Hi @Johan_Velthuizen,

Do you see a “cannot upload…please edit read and write permissions”? Are you working on Word files by any chance?

As you see this is a Linux topic so there are no Word files. I have just a few programs running like Android studio, Bluefish HTML editor Thunderbird mail and Firefox browser.
After a couple of hours working it seems my system freeze, but the real reason is that I can’t write to my Google drive directories synced with Insync. After a few minutes there is a message on the screen what say drives read only. Next time it happens I wll make a screen dump if it works.

Other posts here suggest insync locks files during transfer. Users were having issues work8ng on large files when saving changes quicker than the time taken to upload the updated file. My guess is you’re working with large files, making changes often, and or 9n a slower connection. The other issues reported are stalled transfers which could create a scenario where insync locks files but never unlocks them since the upload doesn’t complete.

Is it all files or only a subset turning read only?

Hi @Johan_Velthuizen,

Thanks for clarifying, I received a similar report hence the question re: Word docs :slight_smile: Yes please, a screenshot of the error message would help!

Same question with @kyle’s as well if it locks your entire Drive or if it’s only affecting the files you were making changes to.

It is locking the whole Google drive, even Nautilus explorer does not open the directories anymore.

Hi @Johan_Velthuizen,

Could you send your logs to with the link to this post? Please include the following files in the folder:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • data folder
  • live folder

If these are too big for an attachment, feel free to send us a link so we can download these. You may also include any error messages that indicate Google Drive is locked for read-only permission.

Thank you!