Dropbox, Download after upload?

Hello guys, i’m using InSync on Linux Mint 20.2, i’ve noted when i upload a file do dropbox cloud, right after the upload finish, then insync start download the same file from the dropbox cloud (that’s already on my local folder), why insync download a file that i upload some moments ago?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nando_lavras,

What I understand is that you upload a file from local to Dropbox cloud, then Insync starts downloading that same file from the cloud. Is that right? If so, were you uploading the files via Insync or were you manually uploading files on Dropbox web?

Can you also let me know if you’re seeing any duplicates after the download happened?

Yes, I upload the files via insync, inside my local Dropbox sync folder I created a new folder and the files (various pdfs) go here.

I copy and paste a pdf on this folder, insync do the upload to Dropbox, no problems here, but then insync starts download the same file (that him uploaded to Dropbox seconds ago) and substitute the local copy with the cloud version.

In the finish i continue having only one local copy, but insync continues wasting download bandwidth, I not understand why.

Hi @Nando_lavras,

It if uploads then downloads the same file to the same location then that’s something we definitely need to look into.

Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com? Those 2 files can be found in ~/.config/Insync. Please also include an example of a directory where this odd behavior is happening so we can further investigate.

Hello, i do some tests again, if i only copy and paste (or download a file using my browser) and save to dropbox folder, all is working normally, insync do the upload and not download after (normal behaviour).

The problem appears when i use Telegram Desktop application, if using Telegram Desktop and saving the files inside the dropbox synced folder insync uploads the files, remove the local copy (!?) and then start to download the same file from dropbox cloud again (correct, since insync removed the local file, i don’t know why).

I do the same test, saving from telegram desktop to Google Drive Folder and to OneDrive folder, the problem does not occur on these 2 services, only on dropbox sync.

I send the logs.db and out.txt to support e-mail.


Hi @Nando_lavras,

Thanks so much, I was able to receive your logs and reply to your email about the testing you did.