Dropbox + Insync = immediate file deletion

I’ve been using Insync to sync Dropbox and Google Drive for over a year now. Yesterday I noticed the 2-way sync I had setup was no longer working. I looked into it, and it appeared to be an Insync update issue so I agreed to the database rebuild and all that. But still no sync. I rebooted my PC to see if the 2-way sync would resume. Within a few minutes of doing so, my entire Google Drive and my entire Dropbox were both wiped out. I just had to speak to Dropbox Support to Rewind my entire account.

How do I prevent this from happening again? Insync’s ‘Base Folder’ is the local Dropbox folder I have syncing with Google Drive. I need Dropbox and Google Drive synced WITHOUT deleting one while pushing from the other. I also need the sharing options in place to stay intact.

FYI - running MacOS 10.15.1, Insync, and Dropbox 86.3.141.

Hi David, so sorry this happened to you. I would love to ask you a few questions since your set up is a bit unique:

  1. Were you running Dropbox and Insync simultaneously?
  2. Can you expound on what you meant by database rebuild and your update issue?

Just so you know, we are planning on directly supporting Dropbox in the future. We’re still developing this for now but it is definitely in the works.

  1. Yes. I have been for the past year or more without issues.
  2. When Insync auto-updated it asked me to do a database rebuild or something along these lines.

By directly supporting Dropbox in the future, would that allow Dropbox and Google Drive to have two-way sync with less headaches?

Yes most definitely.

For item 2, is this an OS specific function? What OS are you on?