Dual-boot (manjaro/windows), recomended partition file system?


I would like to have my Google Drive files shared across my dual boot system (manjaro and windows 11). What is the best file system to work in such a setup? Is NTFS reliable to work in Linux (everyday use of files and folders) or would it be better to try another filesystem (using some kind of driver in Windows, for instance)?


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Hi @zepadovani! Just checking a few things that could help in this scenario:

What would “best” look like in your case? Are you looking for certain dealbreakers to avoid as well?

The “best”, in my case, would be to have a specific partition, which could be written/read in both systems, and that would me allow to sync with my google drive files without giving me any sort of error or risk of losing data. I have all my everyday files in a big google drive, so it would be main my place to work with every kind of file in both systems. In manjaro, usually I preferer to mount this kind of partition inside my user folder…

Any recommendations regarding file system/setup in this case?

Let me check if our team has specific recommendations :slight_smile:

I have a similar setup with Ubuntu and Win 11. exFAT works reasonably well. I have one exFAT partition linked to a subdirectory of my user directory in linux. exFAT is fast enough for simple file use. I make lots of back ups since there is no journaling.

NTFS is a problem because Windows fast start up leaves it in a proprietary state that leads to errors reading from Linux. Fast start up can be turned off though.

I don’t sync from both OS if that is your use case so cannot say if that would cause problems

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Thank you for your input, @jamdo63!