Dual boot support


I purchased a license today based on the positive reviews of your product,
and was surprised to learn that there’s is no official support of using same base folder on dual boot systems (mine is Windows + Ubuntu).

It means that I either need to reserve twice as much space on my shared NTFS drive,
which is stupid, or alternatively waste my time on deciding which folders to sync on which system.

I also noticed that this feature was requested multiple times in the past AND that some people use the same folder apparently without any issues.

I would ask you to consider boosting the priority of this long-pending issue, after all dual-boot systems are not that uncommon these days.



Hello! This is Mara from Insync Support.

Thanks for voicing out your feedback regarding this, we appreciate it!

As much as we want to add this to our features, we still highly discourage this to our users.
We’ve had numerous reports from our users who have had experiences in file duplications and sometimes deletions because they’ve tried Insync in a dual-boot set-up. :frowning: We don’t want our users to encounter anything like this which is why we’re not pushing for this feature for now.

If there’s any other feature that you can suggest to us to help make your workflow better, we’re all ears.

Thank you!

I remember bringing this up a year or so ago, and it sounded like it might be something you were considering. It’s not unusual to have multi-boot systems, and wanting to be able to share a common data partition across them with cloud backup would be ideal.

I hope you might reconsider making this available.

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