Duplicate folders being created by Insync in Google Drive


Currently we are using a tool called AODOCS that provides centralized ownership of Google Drive files if that may have some relevance to this issue. Please let me know what details I need to provide that will be helpful. I have the logs and they can be accessed using the following link.

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will be tagging our engineer @jimperio and he will get back to you.



Is there an update on this? It is really affecting the data in the Google Drive given so many duplicate folders exist. In the past what has caused this type of issue? How can we reduce or eliminate duplicate folders created by Insync in Google Drive.

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I apologize for the delay in response. I will follow this up with our engineer.

Duplication can be caused by running Google Drive and Insync in the same machine. Other causes of this may vary depending on what may have caused the issue.



Is there any update on this?



Is there any update on this?


Future Insync users, the above clearly shows the level of support you will be getting once you purchase a license.

Can I get an update on this asap?


@Ibrahim_Taoube I sincerely apologize for not responding to this thread in a timely manner.

Right now, most reported duplicates are created during initial setup, when a previously-existing Google Drive (or Insync) folder is selected and re-used. This process may create duplicates in cases when Insync fails to match local items to those on Drive, which becomes more probable if the local items are out of sync with those on Drive.

We are currently actively working on improvements to Insync’s file matching algorithm in order to greatly lessen (and ideally, eliminate) duplicates created during setup.

In your case, do you experience duplicates being created outside of the initial setup process? If so, could you please send additional details to support@insynchq.com so we may troubleshoot the issue in more detail?

Again, I really apologize for not responding sooner.


I’ve encountered the same issue - duplicate files and folders when initially synchronizing files in existing google docs folder.
Is there any temporary solution for the problem, so I could manually get consistent state of my local and cloud directories?