Duplicate folders when syncing

I have a data folder on my drive which contains two folders photo and music containing over 100000 files.
I have synced them from one fast connected PC-A to the drive now on my other PC-B I want to have them synced too (almost the same data except for files added to PC-B).
When I try to sync the data folder on PC-B it created 2 new folder on google drive named the same (photo and music)
I there a way to make insync understand that it should not create new folder and download the contents but it should use the ID of the existing google-drive folders.

@Thierry_Coutelier: Apologies for the trouble. The folders were duplicated probably because you didn’t select them in Selective Sync. Insync only implements the file compare feature if you choose to sync the files from Drive explictly. Otherwise as you observed it treats them as new files and uploads new copies.

You could try the following steps instead:

  • Pause Insync
  • Add the folders you want to use file compare on
  • Select the folders in the Selective Sync interface
  • Resume Insync

Hope this helps.


I recently installed two new computers and enabled convert of google documents.

I have two google accounts with writeacess to collaborate drives.

I have now both duplicated a lot of folders/files and upsynced converted googledocuments.
I have stopped the sync.

How to proceeed?

On my old machine, i had the folders email@domain, that was syncing.
Now I also got on my G-drive email@domain in each accout, mirroring the old content!.

If I create local folder: ~/LocalG-Drive/email1@domain and ~/LocalG-Drive/email2@domain.
Can i copy the local content or do I have to start allover again. (Not so fun with limited wireless broadband account and big shared G-drives…

I’m confused about how to proceed…

//regards rbh

When I bought an Insync license, I got an email stating: “You can install Insync on any number of computers across Windows, Mac and Linux.”

To test syncing on an harmless drive-share, I added a third Gmail account. Now in the app-windows statusbar it says: “Insync plus Trial, !5 Days left.”

When I started to sync the third account, the other two account also started to sync. So, I unticked everything for those two accounts, and got the message that all the files will be erased. So i had to rename the old folders.

Still don’t know how to proceed…

Thanks for the support.
I paused the sync. Removed the data and the 2 subfolder and re-added them in the Selective Sync and started again.
I do not see any activity on the google drive. Insync shows me 107503 ITEMS REMAINING.
I touched some of the newly added folders and files to have a new data but there is still no activity.
I created a file in the data/photo folder but it is not synced either.
I’m using the latests release of Insync 1.3.5 36065 under kubuntu 15.04

@Thierry_Coutelier: Is Insync using the CPU during this period? It might be syncing your files’ metadata and it’s taking a while because there are a lot. Please try to keep Insync running so it can process your files. If the amount doesn’t go down after a day please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.

@Rickard_B_Hansson: Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com as well, thanks.

Hi. I’ve got the same problem on duplicate folders. Mine is where a user moved some folders around. We were both online and syncing. When I got home a lot of folders was put back from my machine as it shows me as the owner. It did not just put it back, it created duplicates up t 5 times in some cases. It did not do it with all folders that was moved, just some. It created a real mess as some folders was duplicated empty and some got files in. The issue is here to look at the original folders and determine if the duplicate folders got duplicate files, or is the files unique in that duplicate folder and removed from the original folder. How do one proceed finding the “error” folders and files as well as how to prevent this from happening again. We got thousands and thousands of files. Thanks

@Albie_Gerritsen: Please send your logs too.

Hello, my case is too similar. I have Insync installed in 2 notebooks, one with Ubuntu and other with openSUSE. this last one is what I use most. The Ubuntu machine is started only a very few times at month. I have configured openSUSE as source machine, syncing Documents and public_html folders into GDrive and the Ubuntu machine as destiny.

Recently I had to reinstall the OS and I’m finding that folders are being duplicated in my source machine.

In GDrive I can find 2 folders with same name, for example, in the public_html folder I have twice a folder named azure-sdk with same modified date.

Insync version 1.3.6


@Nestor_Acevedo: Did you reinstall the OS in your source machine (openSUSe) or your destination machine (Ubuntu)? Also when you reinstalled did you reuse the old Insync folder when you re-added your account?

I reinstalled openSUSE in my source machine and I didn’t format my home partition so all configurations and files still remain, then I reused the old Insync folder.

What I saw too (this is a little off-topic) is some files were deleted (?)

@Nestor_Acevedo: I see. Please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.

I saw a similar problem with colleague using your tool (on OS X, but could be same problem).

It seems to happen if either the foldername or a file inside a folder contains a “/”, e.g. “Documentation / Specification” will be duplicated to “Documentation _ Specification” owned by the insync user with permissions same as original. Not sure if it breaks Permissions of individual files though.

If a file inside the folder contains a “/” in it`s name (not uncommon in Google Docs) the whole folder is duplicated as well, but with the same name and the file inside is renamed.