Duplicated files


I have an issue with the Google Drive sync. Since a few weeks, all my files got duplicated, see the screenshot below. The files are located in a Google ‘My Drive’. I’ve installed Insync on two computers, syncing the same files.


Insync v3.7.3 on Debian 11.

Any thoughts?

Hi @klowet!

Apologies for the trouble :frowning: Do you mind walking us through how you set up Insync on the two machines so we can get more insight, such as:

  • Did one machine have a different set of timestamps?
  • Did the sync folder exist prior to setting up Insync (meaning, you used an existing folder containing these files on each machine as the sync location)?
  • Are the cloud copies also duplicated?
  • When you remove a local duplicate, does the cloud duplicate also get deleted?