Duplication / duplicate files (2) still occur!

  1. On my MacBook, I downloaded the game Tennis Elbow from here (the demo is free)
  2. I unzipped it inside a folder called TennisElbow2013
  3. I placed that folder inside Insync
  4. I waited for sync to complete
  5. Afterwards, I turned on my iMac and waited for the TennisElbow2013 to sync in (no such folder or its contents existed before)
  6. Once sync had completed, I noticed that there was a duplicate of an .ini file
  • Tennis.ini
  • Tennis (2).ini

Why?! Why is there a duplicate of file that followed the simple path of:
Computer 1 running Insync v1.2.9Google DriveComputer 2 running Insync v1.2.9?!

The file was not touched on Google Drive, and it was downloaded fresh onto Computer 2. So how in God’s name does a duplication occur?

I am at my wits’ end with Insync and considering the most drastic action of withdrawal if this is not addressed soon.

@Noffica Sorry for the troubles. Send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com.

Please include the link of this post in your email.

Thanks! :smile:

This is happening to me now!!! this is a nightmare

Please install Duplicate Files Deleter as this is the best software available right now.

This is happening to me, too.

Hi @Alvaro_Rosado, could you please send your log files to support@insynchq.com? Here’s how you locate them:

How to find the log files

Please include the link of this post on your email. Thank you!

I did it, still waiting. Also some files are now missing on Drive. Good thing I had them also on my external Drive, but my team was really upset to not being able to open their files.

I pass to the same problem some years ago. To assist, I made a python script that compares my Google Photo files, helping to remove the duplicates.
Check it out in https://github.com/rodriguesprobr/insync_image_duplicity