Empty aliases cause sync to pause indefinitely


I get a error message much like “Your Account … is paused because it’s syncing location … is Empty”

This occurs on Mac OS X 10.11

If i add a file to the location it goes away but it shouldn’t pause the sync because there is an empty folder.


I will tag our engineer @jimperio in this and he will get back to you.


@techyowl I’ll raise this issue with the team. This safeguard was initially put in place in order to prevent files from being trashed on Google Drive when a syncing location just becomes unavailable.


@jaduenas I have the same problem, and clicking “resume” just reloads the error message…


@jimperio do you need his logs?


So you have an empty Insync folder and encounter the same message as well? Are you intending to sync any files from Drive or from your machine?

In that case what you can do is to temporarily add an empty folder to the Insync folder before clicking resume. Then after you’ve synced some other files, you can delete the empty placeholder folder.

We apologize for this inconvenient behavior and will consider improving it.