End to End Encryption

It would amazing if I could encrypt everything new or modified files in Drive just by using InSync.

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I really wouldn’t want that.

Insync development is slow enough already, but still you see various issues in basic syncing.
Diverting their resources to develop a new and difficult feature such as encryption would only further slow down their development. And considering how error prone encryption is, I wouldn’t trust it to Insync.

I’m happy leaving client side encryption to another dedicated tool.


I also have the same question and I couldn’t find the answer. I would love it if anyone can help us out.

Thank you.

post Insync 3, encryption is on the roadmap.

+1 encryption baked in.

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For the encryption, it would be fantastic to have client-side for files, filenames, folders, etc. Have each element able to be selected independently. This is something that many other providers offer, and is a critical capability for a lot of use cases and users – especially in light of how the world, technology, bad actors, etc. are changing.

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thanks for your suggestion.

when you say “element”, do you mean each item like encryption1 for fileA and encryption2 for fileB, etc.?

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If you want end-to-end encryption, use Cryptomator along with Insync.

Why should Insync reinvent the wheel? Maybe they could work with Cryptomator to make it easier for Insync users to find out about it.

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@Andy_Pastuszak Thank you for sharing Cryptomator. I am not opposed to that as a possible solution. There are a certain number of features within a file syncing program that are considered “table stakes”. To this end, I am not sure if it is an issue of reinventing the wheel since so many other competitors offer this capability natively without the need for a third-party product like Cryptomator. If there is a deeper partnership or integration between Insync and Cryptomator or something similar, even better.

What it is starting to appear like is that Insync has an extremely protracted development cycle (see other forum commenters about this even back in 2018), common features that are “table stakes” in competitors products do not appear in this product, and there is a lack of transparency or clarity when such features will be added to the Insync product (this feature was noted by Insync to be on the roadmap in the beginning of 2019 with no new updates since). This is further evidenced from the many feature requests for very common things (like Box.com or Backblaze) that have not been completed in nearly six (6) years.

The central issue is this feature request - how do customer’s of Insync ensure encryption of their files when using the product. There could be compatibility issues that we do not know about if one were to use a third-party product like Cryptomator. What is being asked is either for the native capability to exist within Insync or documentation and information on how to achieve this in some other way that will not cause a loss of file fidelity or create compatibility problems. To date, nothing has been offered from Insync.

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@GJ1909 Can you tell me which sync clients that connect to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox offer end to end encryption, works on Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, and does not require a subscription?

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