Error AddCloudGDItemL('Unsupported file type:%r', '?')

Just upgraded from 1.5.7 to and experiencing many issues. Among them "Unexpected error doing AddCloudGDItemL('Unsupported file type:%r', '?')" Clicking retry has no effect. Looking at ‘My Drive’ in insync there is one folder with a subfolder that shows the error icon but all files contained in those folders show the green check icon. Where do I send my logs?

As an aside, I’m a long time supporter of insync, been very happy with it. I can’t believe this version was released as production. Half the UI says ‘coming soon’, the insync context menu when right clicking in explorer has been reduced to ‘View on web’. Come on. I have 7 google accounts and hundreds of gigs that now need to manually re-added and files re-uploaded to roll back to 1.5.7.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10.0.17134

So sorry for this Kyle. You can send them over to along with your out.txt files.

This is a known issue and we are currently investigating it, your logs will help in helping us resolve this.

Email sent.

I’d like to add that not only has the context menu been reduced to ‘View on web’ as previously mentioned, but it also doesn’t appear to work. Clicking it does nothing. Something to add to the list if it isn’t already.


Same issue here… error message keeps returning, even after removing the ‘offending’ folder.

I resolved the issue by removing the account from insync and re-adding it. When you re-add, insync will only give you the option for a fresh account so it will re-upload everything and the errors should not appear. I’m guessing there some issue with the way insync handles the file sync for existing accounts.

Interesting observation, when looking at the file tree in insync’s ‘my drive’, existing folders synced via file sync all have yellow check icons. Folders synced as fresh all have green check icons. What’s the significance?

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Hi @kyle,

Thank you for this update. :slight_smile:

Good observation! Yellow badges are due to local-to-cloud file matching (ie using an existing folder during setup). :smiley: